HIROO STUDIO 5 (M2F) Depth:15.7m Width:9.5m Height:6.0m

●Electric capacity = 40Kw(+Sharing 25Kw)

●Facilities = automatic FATIF:2.0m×1.3m 4banks (each bank has 4 flash heads built-in, 3,000ws×4heads, six 500w halogen light is built-in) / automatic back paper roller

●Other facilities = Make-up room, lavatory / mezzanine (director space)

●Ancillary facilities = Wired broadcasting / Wireless internet connection

Cyclorama / Cove - View from entrance

View of entrance

Side view

Side view

Meeting space

Make-up room

* Studio Notes

  • 2 car parking spaces for each studio rental.
  • The cove can only be painted white.
  • Fire hazards of any kind are not permitted in our studios. These include smoke, fire, spray-painting or any flammable liquids / materials.
  • Please let us know at the time of booking if have any special requirements for the studio, such as shooting with sand, water, confetti, a snow machine. If you would require set-build, please let us know the dimensions.