Basic Policy on Information Security

For business enterprises, the protection of information assets (personal information, customer information, confidential business information, etc.) is an important aspect of corporate management. IINO MEDIAPRO CO., LTD. has formulated a Basic Policy on Information Security, and will implement company-wide information security management on an ongoing basis in accordance with this policy to protect and manage the company’s information assets in order to avoid alteration, destruction, and leakage regardless of whether the cause is accidental or intentional.



  1. 当社は、個人情報保護法、その他関係法令および関連ガイドラインを遵守します。
  2. 当社は、個人情報を取得、保有、使用、開示する場合その利用目的を明確にし、利用目的の範囲内で利用します。
  3. 当社は、個人情報を厳重に管理し、不正アクセス、紛失、破壊、改竄、漏洩などに対するための情報セキュリティ対策を講じます。
  4. 当社は、正当な理由のある場合を除いて個人情報を第三者に提供いたしません。
  5. 当社は、個人情報の確認、訂正などの申し出があった場合、合理的かつ必要な範囲内で速やかに対応いたします。
  6. 当社は、個人情報の保護に関係する社内規定およびそれを実行する組織、体制について有効かつ適切な運用が出来るよう継続的な見直し、改善を図ってまいります。
  7. 当社は、個人情報保護に関し、関連する全ての部門に対し、周知徹底を図るための教育を継続実施します。

Privacy Policy

IINO MEDIAPRO CO., LTD. (hereafter referred to as “We”) recognizes the importance of personal information and we comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to personal information. Furthermore, we believe it is our social responsibility to implement the necessary and appropriate level of management and protection of personal information. Accordingly, we have established and will adhere to a Personal Information Protection Policy that applies to all of our executives and employees.

  1. We will comply with all laws, ordinances, and guidelines related to the protection of personal information.
  2. Upon acquiring, retaining, using, or disclosing personal information, we will specify the purpose for which that information will be used, and only deal with that information within the scope of that specified purpose.
  3. We will place strict controls on personal information and establish the necessary information security measures against unauthorised access, loss, destruction, alteration, and leakage.
  4. We will not provide personal information to any third party without a legitimate reason.
  5. If we receive a request for confirmation, amendment, or other action related to personal information, we will respond promptly, appropriately, and in good faith.
  6. We will carry out reviews and reforms of our internal regulations regarding personal information on an ongoing basis as well as the organisations and systems involved in implementing them to ensure that they are being operated effectively and appropriately.
  7. We will implement training programs regularly for personnel in all areas involved with personal information to thoroughly familiarise them with the protection of personal information.