House rules


* The cove can only be painted white.
* Fire hazards of any kind are not permitted in our studios. These include smoke, fire, spray-painting or any flammable liquids / materials.
* Please let us know at the time of booking if you have any special requirements for the studio, such as shooting with sand, water, confetti, a snow machine. If you would require set-build, please let us know the dimensions.
* Please let us know at the time of booking if you will be shooting moving image.
* Our studios do not have catwalk/gantry facilities.
* Guest rooms cannot be hired on their own. They can only be used alongside studio hire.
* Due to changeable weather, there are certain restrictions for using the Minami Aoyama Studio. You will be informed of any restrictions at the time of booking.
* Any items left behind at the studio will be held for a maximum of 1 month.
* You will be allocated 2 car parking spaces for each studio hired.
* We do not permit shooting in the studio parking lot.


* We have our own lighting equipment for hire at the studios. If you would like to bring your own flash lighting, a fee will be incurred. Please ask about the rates for this when booking.
* We need to know in advance if you would require any special equipment for your shoot.
* If you have ordered 5 or more sets of flash lights you will be charged even they are not used. If you have ordered 2 or more twin flash heads you will be charged even they are not used. A light is considered ‘used’ if it is placed onto the set.


* We are not able to store any of your shooting data after the shoot.
* Although our equipment is regularly maintained and tested, please understand that unforeseen technical problems can sometimes happen.


* Fees for photo assistants & digital operators will be calculated by the amount of hours worked. Transport fees will be charged separately.
* We can also hire our equipment for location shoots. Prices per day for location shoots are charged at the same rate as 1- day hire for studio shoots.
* Over busy periods, we cannot guarantee that we’ll be able to provide you with assistants or operators for your location shoot.
* On location there is a greater risk for equipment to fail. Equipment can fail due to factors outside of our control.
* We are able to arrange equipment vehicles for your shoot. Due to time restrictions and distance to travel, we must know any requirements at the time of booking. Passengers/crew are not permitted to travel with the equipment delivery.


Our equipment is regularly tested and checked before it is hired out. If there is an unforeseen fault with any of our equipment we will do all we can to replace the item or fix the fault. We cannot accept liability for any losses incurred due to faulty equipment.