The Last Samurai in London

企画は、ロンドンの魅力的なロケーションを紹介する映像をつくろう、というところからスタートしました。でも、ただ単にロケーションを紹介してもつまらなそう、という思いがあって、悩むこと数週間。。。。我々に下りてきたのは「サムライ」でした! 新旧が混在するロンドンの街にサムライが登場するというミスマッチをお楽しみいただけたらと思います。映像からは分かりにくいかもしれませんが、撮影は真冬のまっただ中でしたので、ものすごく寒かったです!(Masashi Nagai)

The idea was to make a film that would be a showcase for London shooting locations but we wanted to find a way to make it more than just visuals – we wanted it to have some kind of narrative. It was a few weeks of throwing ideas around before we settled on the Samurai. Visually, we found the idea of a traditional Samurai against a London backdrop quite fun, and it also worked well in that we try to be a creative link between the Japan and the UK. The story of the film was developed quite quickly. We wanted the film to keep the audience guessing for a little while and not be too obvious straight away – hopefully we achieved that sense of mystery! Shooting was fun but challenging. The police were certainly shocked to see a Samurai warrior marching towards them. And it doesn’t really come across in the film, but it was actually the middle of winter when we were filming – freezing!

Story, Direction, Filming, Editing : Masashi Nagai & Jeremy Joyce
Original Music Score : Anchorsong
Production Assistant : Yasuhiro Sanda
Stedycam Operator : Steven Conway
Additional Editing : Toshiuki Sato
Title Caligraphy : Momo Yoshida
Samurai : Alan Low
Knight : Toma-Ciprian Rauta
Special Thanks :
Liz Walters & Jan Andrzejewski@Tamashi School of Taikodo,
Chris Samuel@North London Budo, Inuyama Armour Dokokai,
EDF Enegy London Eye, More London,
The Golden Hind (Best Fish & Chips in London),
Westminster Council, London Underground

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